Some of my favorites, grouped loosely by location:

United States
The Dirt Diaries, North Carolina
Natural Gardening, Carolinas
Ginny's Garden, North Carolina
Tobacco Rose, North Carolina
The Queen of Seaford, South Carolina
Growing Days, South Carolina
Appalachian Feet, South Carolina
Children of the Corm, South Carolina
Antique Art Garden, South Carolina
A Tidewater Gardener, Virginia
How it Grows, Virginia
Jennah's Garden, Maryland
Clay and Limestone, Tennessee
Meander Mountain, Tennessee
Southern Meadows, Georgia
The Rainforest Garden, Florida
Digging, Texas
Daffodil Planter, California
Life on the Balcony, California
Far Out Flora, California
Floradora, California

You Grow Girl, Ontario
A Neotropical Savanna, Panama
The Galloping Gardener, United Kingdom
Tenerife Journal, Canary Islands
My Nice Garden, Malaysia

Life is Art Too, North Carolina
Wonders Never Cease, South Carolina
Kindness Girl, Virginia
Hooked on Houses, Ohio
Susan Branch Heart of the Home, California and Massachusetts
Red White and Grew, Texas

Updated:  March 26, 2013