Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Away we go!!!

Well hello readers, old and new! I wanted to drop by to say hello quickly before leaving for the airport to join the other garden bloggers "flinging" in Portland, Oregon. I've been terrible in the past about getting up pictures from these whirlwind trips, so this time I'm going to try tweeting them as I'm seeing them. Follow me on Twitter (@aCLTgarden) and see the beautiful PNW gardens as I do!

I hear thunder just now which is normally welcome when it's so dry outside, but since I'm about to board a plane, not so much! Prayers and good thoughts for an event-free flight appreciated! See you on Twitter soon!



PS Up top is the Phlox paniculata we call Birthday Phlox at our house because it blooms reliably for a certain sweet girl's birthday every year. It's been the table arrangement alongside the birthday cake for many years.

PPS Google appears to have "awesomed" the photo. They're always doing something to your photos. I like this one, though.

PPPS By request, the birthday cake is banana pudding this year.

Okay I'm leaving now for real. :)

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