Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Remember This Next Fall

Ruby Giant Crocus
My yard is abloom. You would think it's spring already! It did feel like it today with temperatures in the 70s.

This year the daffodils all bloomed at once and the King Alfreds are larger and more floriferous than ever before. Maybe it was the extra cold period we had? Or the abundant rain last spring? Whatever it was, it's time to appreciate them, and all the other blooming bulbs.

I added pink daffodils to my garden a few years ago and I love them! One day I'll have as many of those as the yellow ones I hope.

Pink Charm Daffodil

Conjoined twins!

Delnashaugh Daffodil

Delnashaugh matures beautifully.
 Pale yellow and white daffodils are very pretty with the pink ones and later on with the azaleas, too.

Mount Hood Daffodil

A highly scented daff with cold-burned leaves. It usually has much longer stems.
I inherited it so i don't know the name.

Fall is such a busy season that it's hard to work in time to plant bulbs, but now is when you get to celebrate the fact that you did. It's such a small investment for so much enjoyment in return. Wood hyacinths and species tulips still to come. Joy!

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