Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beautiful Bulbs

During some of the coldest, most miserable days of winter this year, I had this little bulb garden to keep an eye on, and all these beautiful blooms to look forward to.

Living Gardens sent it to me with instructions to water it and keep it in a cool room. I had just the place, I thought, and put it on my enclosed porch. The temperatures there are always above freezing, but sometimes not much—it took weeks longer to bloom than had been indicated.

Maybe 45 degrees was a little cooler room than they had in mind, but it has helped the blooms last a long time and kept the heavy scent of the hyacinths from overpowering us inside.

I adore catching just a whiff as I walk through the porch to my car— the nose-tingly fragrance of Spring.

My basket came already planted and with a layer of Spanish moss on top. The soil was even moist so I didn't need to water it or do anything to it at all.

The leaves pushed the moss up as they grew, so I kind of wish I had taken it off to begin with and maybe added it back around the edges after the leaves were taller. I broke a little piece of something when I tried to keep it pushed down.

There's a nice variety of bulbs in this particular basket—the Deluxe Dutch Garden—five red Seadov tulips, two Delft and one China Pink hyacinth, three Jenny daffodils, two Blue Magic grape hyacinths, and six Star of Bethlehem.

I think the price is great for these at less than $30. And what a nice gift to send to someone. If you ordered one now, it would probably be blooming by Easter (April 20 this year).

I'll be ordering these again for myself. There's a pink daffodil and pale yellow tulip basket I have my eye on ($25). Gorgeous! I was really pleased with the less common varieties and combinations in many of the basket gardens, not to mention the prices.

Paperwhites and lots of varieties of amaryllis are on sale right now, and pre-orders for Fall planting bulbs will start April 1. Can you believe it's almost time for that? But early is when you get the best selection.

Thank you to Living Gardens for bringing these lovely little basket gardens to my attention, and especially for giving me one!

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