Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Inside, Orchids

This is the week of the yearly Valentine's Orchid Sale at the UNC Charlotte Botanical Garden. I'm disappointed to be unable to make it to the sale this year, but I was there last week and got a few photos to show you. Hopefully the winter weather won't stop some of you from stopping by the sale. The greenhouses are full of exotic blooms.

No blooms in this shot, but aren't these the coolest roots? 

What's the sweet smell? It always makes me happy when a plant has good fragrance. Many of the orchids do.

Of course there's Amorphophallus in these greenhouses, too. If you walk in and smell a dead rat, it just might be that the titan arum is blooming.

What beautiful eye candy, huh? Saturated color gives such a mood boost this time of year.

Besides orchids, amaryllis is blooming now, passion flower is starting to bud and there are lots of interesting begonias.

The tiny orchids in my windowsills have a long way to go to look so impressive, but what a treat to visit these.

Greenhouse hours are Monday through Saturday 10–3 and Sunday 1–4.
The outdoor gardens are open 7 days a week during daylight hours.


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