Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First dandelion of the season and other signs of life

I took advantage of the mild weather Monday and assessed the garden for the first time in a while.

I've been afraid to look at the bog garden since our record low of 6 degrees a couple of weeks ago. I know these plants to be quite hardy, but they don't ever expect temperatures like that. You can see how brown and pathetic the pitchers look right now, but look closer and you can see life! See the little traps on this flytrap?

The sarracenias have tiny new pitchers sprouting up, too. I think they're all going to bounce back. Hopefully the sabatia comes back too.

But wait…did I just see a skeleton in my butterfly puddle dish? Yes, I did! I have no idea whose that is or how it got there. <shiver>

The daffies are back. They are so reliable. Cold doesn't bother them at all.

A leafy promise for cranefly orchids this spring.

I see the woodpeckers have been molesting the apple tree. We get to enjoy blooms on this tree, but the wildlife take care of any fruit it produces…which is fine. We don't mind.

Our woodpile is my husband's pride and joy. Anoles and insects love it too.

Cilantro! If you don't grow that herb, start some this year. Unless you're one of those people who hates it and thinks it tastes soapy. I'm not. I love it. How can you eat Mexican or Thai without it? Mmmm.

Bittercress starts showing up this time of year and it's a nice, harvestable green. Tastes like nasturtium or cabbage with a bite. Put some on your sandwich! It's good for you.

Lots of rain, then cold/ warm/ cold weather means lots of bulbs are sitting on top of the ground instead of where they're supposed to be. These are some of my favorite mini-daffodils.

Unplanted pansy flats. I'm ashamed.

In spite of my gardening transgressions, the Universe sees fit to gift me with lucky clovers regularly, even in the worst of weather.

Are you seeing signs of green life around you yet?


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