Saturday, December 21, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle

Just in time for Christmas, my Twinkle orchids (Oncidium) are blooming! Appropriate, don't you think? I'm all for a little twinkle at Christmas!

I have two, a white (or would you call this yellow?) and a red (pink?). The white-flowered one is more floriferous and scented. Some say the scent is like chocolate, and others say vanilla. I'm sure if you smelled it, you would have your own description. It smells a little like carob to me—not like real chocolate, and not like good vanilla, but sweet and pleasant all the same.

These scent distinctions really don't matter much—I'm just so excited to see them rebloom! I have a moth orchid budding up for the first time this year, too. Persistence seems to be paying off. I've only killed a half dozen or so Phalaenopsis over the years.

Besides showing off my rebloom, I wanted you to see this cute little trick: candlestick plant pedestals!

I needed to elevate some of the plants in my plant window so they could be seen, and also so I could fit a few more plants in there. I noticed some plant pedestals in an old issue of Mary Engelbreit magazine (Remember that one? I still miss it!) and thought they looked a little like really big candle sticks.

I was coming up with a way to make some of these when I remembered a pair of wood candlesticks I had in my closet. They are much smaller than the ones in the magazine—only about 12" tall—but a 4" clay pot fit perfectly on top! They even have metal liners which will keep moisture off of the wood. I think plants look better on them than candles, but then plants look better everywhere, don't they?


Winter solstice comes at around noon today (ET). You know what that means? Longer days starting tomorrow! Houseplants and people too will be getting happier and healthier.

Merry Christmas, dear readers. May you enjoy some time to reflect and renew.

Peace and love,

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