Monday, November 25, 2013

The Signature of All Things

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Set in times of botanical fervor, when adventurous young men boarded sailing ships and traveled the world in the search of orchids and exotic greenery, and doctors recommended botanizing to women as a remedy for the maladies associated with domestic leisure, Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book, The Signature of All Things, catches the attention and stirs the imagination from the start.

The Signature of All Things spans the life of a woman named Alma who through the study of mosses and her relationship with an eccentric orchid painter named Ambrose, searches for truth and insight into the mysteries of life.

The botanically-minded will enjoy traveling the globe discovering the origins of such plant products as quinine and vanilla, and learning a bit about Alma's beloved mosses, but anyone interested in history (eighteenth and nineteenth centuries) or writing (Elizabeth Gilbert has a vigorous voice) will appreciate it as well.

Interesting settings, characters, and the verdant paths passion can take, make The Signature of All Things pure entertainment. I read my advance copy straight through—all 500 pages—in about a day and a half. (Just ask me how to irritate your family! :)

I do not want to say more, except that the book is full of surprises—Elizabeth Gilbert’s stunning imagination will keep you guessing and turning the pages ever faster.

Everyone seems to be talking about this book. If you haven’t read it yet, you must! (You too can irritate your family!) I liked it so much, I pre-ordered two copies: one for me and one for one of you—and now they're here! You'll have yours in time for Christmas if you win! And it’s SIGNED by Elizabeth Gilbert!!!

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Read the first chapter here: The Signature of All Things

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