Monday, November 18, 2013

Last Leaves

The brilliance of this dwarf witch alder (Fothergilla gardenii) took my breath away today. It may be the final burst of intense color in our landscape, but isn't it incredible?

Elsewhere in the garden, witch hazel is hanging on to a few orangey leaves and Alice oakleaf hydrangea is looking festive in burgundy and green. Paperwhite blades are beginning to show up here and there.

The weather has been warm for the past couple of days after some frosty ones, so it was perfect for planting bulbs yesterday. We planted species tulips: tiny Tulipa humilis 'Little Beauty', T. batalinii 'Bright Gem', and a 4–6" miniature daffodil, Narcissus canaliculatus. We still have some Crocus tommasinianus to go, but finally the fridge has room again! My husband is happy and so am I.

We're saying goodbye to Fall and looking toward the holidays with fond thoughts of the Spring just beyond.

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