Monday, July 8, 2013

The Butterfly Garden

The sun came out for a few minutes earlier today, so we took a quick walk through the garden. I like the photos because when you look at them, you can forget that the humidity is low and mosquitos are swarming. And, I'm happy with how my aster-filled butterfly garden is coming along.

The rain this year has made the foliage lush at the expense, I believe, of some flowers. But coneflower, Shasta daisy, and a tiny sprig of butterfly weed (at the left of the photo) are adding some color finally. This bed has lots of rudbeckia that will be blooming soon. I'm not sure why mine is so far behind everyone else's.

Here's a closeup of the butterfly weed -- don't you love the unusual flowers? I haven't seen as many butterflies as usual this year, but I'm hoping when the rain stops for a while, they will show up. Also in the butterfly border, and blooming now, is buddleia (which they love!), yarrow, beautybush, Kalimeris, and lemon balm.

Late summer and Fall are probably best for blooms in this border. Then, pineapple sage, Mexican mint marigold, at least 7 or 8 different chrysanthemums, Collinsonia, New York aster, creeping aster, Woods aster, 2 types of goldenrod ('Fireworks', and 'Little Lemon'), 3 dwarf Joe Pye weed cultivars ('Chocolate', 'Little Joe', and 'Red Dwarf') will all begin to bloom. Rudbeckia will still be blooming, and coneflowers have been known to still throw a few blooms as late as December.

It should be quite colorful soon.


UPDATE July 26, 2013 More flowers! Photos here: The Susans Have Arrived

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