Monday, June 10, 2013

We're not in Kansas anymore...maybe it's Oregon.

It has been a relief to not have to water this spring, but the abundance of rain has caused a couple of problems I haven't encountered before: I have rust on some of my plants, and the roly-polies (Armadillidium vulgare) are out of control! There are millions of those buggers all over everything! Did you know they are not insects? They are crustaceans (more closely related to shrimp than mosquitos) and it looks like they enjoy water just as much.

A not so bad effect of lots of water and warm air is fungi. Even if some are harmful (like rust), they are interesting. Each of the ones I've posted here is new to me. The one up top looks like someone or something that was buried alive and now wants out! Wonder what's attached to that hand?

This weird little yellow guy—it is a guy, no doubt—showed up in a potted orchid! My husband found it first and showed it to me. It made us laugh—and crack yellow weewee jokes.

Several weeks ago I started to see white thread-like growths on the ground under some forsythia shrubs. I wondered if they were associated with sweet gum in some way because there are lots of gumballs all around.

Then I found this one with the filaments growing right out of the empty seed compartments. Have you ever seen this?

Notice the roly-poly to the I said, they're everywhere! I'm sure there are a dozen more under that leaf.

What's the rain doing to your garden? Oh, I forgot to mention the mulch washing down hill and all over the place. Lots of work to do out there if it will just stop raining long enough!

~ Daricia


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