Friday, May 24, 2013

Plant of the Day: Yellow Iris

When we first moved into our house nearly 20 years ago, I discovered some iris fans back in the deep shade of our heavily wooded backyard. The leaves showed up every spring but never bloomed.

When someone bought the lot next door to us and cleared most of it to build a house, sun reached into parts of our yard that it never had. The iris fans started to get bigger and more robust, and one year I was surprised by a big, beautiful, blue iris bloom. The next year or two yellow ones began to bloom and I've never seen a blue one since. I keep hoping.

I moved some of the plants from the woods to a brighter spot in my front yard, and this is how they bloomed this year. They are winding down now but it was probably the best year yet for them. I have no idea which species they are...any guesses?

They are tough, determined plants that have tolerated abysmal conditions at times over the years. Now they get a little more attention, but they don't really need it. It would be interesting to know how they came to be growing in such an unlikely spot in my woods. I haven't ruled out fairies.

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