Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Bloom Day Plant of the Day: Gruss an Aachen Rose

This is the peachiest I've ever seen this rose, and I love it. It's glowing! Normally there are more pink tones, especially toward the edges of the petals...which is also pretty, but not quite so perfect. My shrub is kind of pitiful or I would show you a little more of it; it's an especially good year for these flowers.

Rosa 'Gruss an Aachen' suffers along in a mostly shady spot in the garden, but even though mine is not an attractive shrub, I keep it because the roses are just so lovely! Imagine a shrub absolutely full of lush English garden roses...just try not to think about the spindly, improperly pruned canes they're attached to. And don't forget to conjure up the fragrance while you're imagining: they smell wonderful—lemony and rosy at the same time.

This is the same bloom a few days earlier, when it was still a bud.

I've posted about this rose before; it's irresistible when in bloom. The fragrance—always described as "light" in catalogs and books—manages to waft to all corners of the garden when conditions are just so. It's the magnet that draws me over to admire and then get out the camera again and again.

These two posts will show you how different it looks at other times of the year: August || November (Scroll down a bit for the rose pics). Can you believe it's the same rose? The color is so changeable depending on temperature and time of year, that it's like having several different plants.

A dozen shrubs wouldn't be too many, and that's what I'd have—if I had a little more room in a little more sun.

Take a look at what's blooming in gardens around the world: It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

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