Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break 2013

After the coldest Spring Break I can remember, it was a relief to get home to the beautiful weather we have today. I took the picture above during the best day we had at Ocean Isle Beach, but if you look at the water in the canal, you can tell the wind was blowing. From the north. Hard. It was decidedly unpleasant to someone who likes 85 degrees best of all. That would be me.

I did learn something, though: teenage girls are good at mind over matter. My daughter and three of her friends were out lying in the sun, getting sunburned, wearing shorts and flip-flops, and generally pretending it was summer, even when it never topped 55 degrees. Mostly I stayed inside and looked out the window at the palm trees.

Anyway, I am kind of fascinated with the neighbors' palm trees. Their proximity to our deck gives me a treetop view, and the sound they make as the wind blows through them is so pleasant. And we didn't even have to plant them! How nice when that happens. Sometimes your neighbor plants 5000 forsythia shrubs and shears them into balls instead. That's not as good.

As it happened, I scored a ride home by myself yesterday, and so I stopped at the Lumber River in Fair Bluff. Last time I was there, it was fall. I drove right through yesterday, but then couldn't resist the gorgeous color in the trees this time of year, so I turned around and went back.

This is the boardwalk alongside the river. Hornbeam, red maple, black gum, sycamore, water oak and cypress fill the blackwater swamp forest here.

The big leaf out happens in a surprising rainbow of pastel color. Some are pinky-red, some are pale orange and peachy, others are barely green at all, appearing almost yellow.

The picture above gives you a better idea of what the light was actually like there. I love the washed out look of the tree branches with their delicate new growth.

Occasional bits of Spanish moss show up at the edge of the river, and there is plenty of mistletoe. It's always peaceful and beautiful and well worth slowing down the trip back home.

But things are greening up and lovely at home in Charlotte, too, and there are lots of new blooms. I was happy that neither deer nor rabbit has found this patch of woodland phlox.



  1. My friend went up to Myrtle last week and had miserable weather there too. Not a great time for spring break. But our last (WE HOPE) frost date is so close now. Pretty soon it will be time to get to planting, and I can't wait!!

    1. I know what you mean! I weeded yesterday and it felt so good to be out there...planting isn't far behind. Reports are that we will hit the 80s here this week, so maybe spring is finally here.

  2. You're a lot further along than we are up here in Massachusetts, where there are still a few patches of snow on the ground and it's still been going below freezing most night. Winter 2011-2012 was very mild here, the crocuses and daffodils were already blooming at this time last spring, but this year winter has been much slower to let go. At least it's supposed to warm up a little this week.

    A lot of people up here are like your daughter - pretending it's summer even if it is still half-winter. It's even more extreme here - you will see people wearing shorts and/or short sleeves even when it's in the low 40s in March.

    I love mild weather, but I'm actually not a fan of really warm or hot weather. 65-75 degrees is ideal for me. The problem is that around here we often do not have very long in the spring at those temperatures - it will go straight from the 50s in late April to the 70s and 80s in May.

    I love the pictures - I'm looking forward to some color starting to appear on our trees by the end of this month. No palm trees at any time of the year, though!

    1. Hi RPS, it's good to hear from you. It has still been freezing at night here occasionally, but hopefully we are done with that. Our average last frost date is around April 10. This is likely to be a straight to summer year for us, too, with very little mild weather at all, but that's not uncommon here. I'm glad you like the pictures—may they remind you what's coming soon where you are! (Except for the palm trees.)