Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not five feet from the end of my driveway...

Absent-mindedly taking inventory of this and that out in the garden, I was walking with my dog and pulling oak catkins out of my hair, when I spied these mushrooms. Gasp!

I found a tiny couple of them once before, two years ago—close to the same date as today—but they were on the other side of the yard. I've looked at that spot for more ever since, but have never seen another.

I believe they are yellow morels, which are a wonderful delicacy, I understand.

If I weren't such a mycophobe, I would eat them. Instead, I'll watch them grow and then decay—with great botanical interest—but that will have to do.

A garden surprise is there for anyone who looks for one, isn't there? What have you found in yours?