Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lucky Clover

Look what I found—a five-leaf clover a foot across! Or, so it looks in the picture. It is actually more like three inches across, which is still quite large.

I mentioned my patch of Trifolium repens 'Pentaphyllum' in a previous post. The color of the foliage used to be deep red, nearly black. Here's what it used to look like, except that mine was even a little darker.

I might think my black clover just disappeared and a generic garden clover took its place, except that this patch—which also happens to be in the same spot as the other—keeps sending up four- and five-leaved clovers! And that's why the cultivar I originally planted was named 'Pentaphyllum' in the first place. So, maybe the cultivar reverted to green or lost its unique black color to the plant's stronger tendency to produce green leaves.

I've heard it said that five leaves are unlucky.  But it seems to me, the more leaves and the bigger the clover, the the luckier they are. Wouldn't you think? Just in case, I found two four-leaf clovers, too. So I'm covered either way.

May you find a little luck in your garden today, too.

~ Daricia

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