Friday, April 26, 2013

Flowery Stamps

Back in the day, before Lisa Frank or Mrs. Grossman's, there were postage stamps—the stickers of a 60s and 70s childhood. Decorating a letter with doodles and squiggles, and then putting a pretty stamp in the corner was fun. Some of us never outgrew the delight in that!

On my botanical stamps board on Pinterest,  the ones Germany issued are some of the prettiest. But the USPS has issued some beautiful botanical stamps as well. Some of you might recall the wildflower stamp series from 1991. There were 50 of them, all gorgeous. I would still use them if I could.

Earlier this month, the post office issued a new series of stamps based on vintage seed packet illustrations. Even if letter writing isn't likely to happen, we can pay a bill or two with these instead of a boring generic stamp. And they're better for birthdays and invitations, too, don't you think? Order them online and have the postman deliver them right to your box; you can avoid the lines at the P.O. altogether. Sometimes your local P.O. won't have particular stamps, so online ordering will help you avoid that issue as well.

Also this month, Florida celebrated the 500th anniversary of its naming with a floral stamp depicting several of the state's colorful wildflowers. During the stamp's dedication ceremony, Jo Ann Feindt (U.S. Postal Service Southern Area Operations Vice President) said, "From the moment Ponce de Leon arrived on these shores, Florida has been a destination for dreamers. This state occupies a special place in the American imagination, and so these stamps give people another way to share the wonders of Florida." As a Floridaphile...and lover of wildflowers and stamps, I'm in. What about you?

Both the Vintage Seed stamps and the La Florida stamp are Forever stamps, so you can buy as many as you like and continue to use them even if/when the P.O. raises rates again.


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