Friday, April 5, 2013

A Bowl Full of Something

I thought these seed pods were pretty enough to put in one of my favorite bowls. My mother-in-law is a wonderful potter. That is, she's wonderful...but her bowls are pretty good, too. ;) She made this one.

If I had picked these pods just as they ripened, I might have been able to collect the seeds from them and grow some more...something. I could have put them in a bag and into the fridge for a few weeks to stratify them, then barely covered them with moist soil and watched them sprout away. These somethings might then grow to as much as 20 feet tall and flower in any shade of pink to purple or white—despite the fact that the mother plant flowers pink—because seedlings don't always look exactly like their parents. I could have pruned them lightly, if at all, and protected them from a special kind of torture that this plant frequently endures.

Maybe next year. Meanwhile, I <3 the pods!

Thanks to Steve Bender for the sowing instructions, as well as lots of entertaining posts about this plant.


  1. I recognize those kind of seed pods! They are quite nice to display.

    1. Janet, I especially like how these look like little wooden flowers, but all sorts of seed pods are interesting to look at and fun to display.