Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Robin in the Snow

Robins in the snow just shouldn't be this time of year, but that's how it is for those in western North Carolina and in many other parts of the country this March. Maybe this adorable picture will cheer us up until Spring has had enough and fights back.

This post is an experiment for what should've been Wordless Wednesday, but I couldn't keep quiet. (Please let me know if the photo doesn't show up for you.) Did you know you could re-post a Twitter tweet to your blog? Why would anyone want to? Well, hopefully I'll find out! Ask me in a few days.

I love the photo and wish it were mine, but credit goes to Jacky Parker. You can check out her other photos and follow her on Twitter by clicking the links above. You can also reply, retweet or favorite the tweet from this page.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Love the 're-used' picture. Hoping Spring will show up, here in Hickory, soon!

    1. Today is a little better, huh, GUTI? The sun makes a lot of difference even if it's still way too chilly for late March.

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it, Jen? I'm always amazed by shots like that. The photographer must have lots of patience...I've noticed birds don't like to pose!