Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lichen the Rain

It's a good thing I'm a gardener, or else I might not appreciate this gray drizzle today.  I might never think about how lucky the plants are to have a nice cloud cover and moist air.  I might even think it's better to stay inside and eat another brownie.

But since I am a gardener (and happen to have an insistent dog),  I went out and poked around in the leaves again to see if I could find the new growth that could confirm my thought about the unidentified flower spike I posted a picture of yesterday.

I pulled some bitter cress and wild garlic out of the flower beds while the ground is so amenable.

I noticed some miniature daffodils in a strange spot in my neighbors yard and wondered if the chipmunks or squirrels moved some of mine over there.

And I  found these wondrous clumps of drenched lichens that fell from the trees when Saturday's snow melted.