Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Endearingly Diminutive

It is 74 balmy degrees on this gray January day -- rather like a wintertime trip to Florida without leaving town.  Outside my back door is this pretty daffodil, the only one so far, but the first of many more to look forward to.

The sweetgum ball beside the leaves gives you an idea of the size of the bloom -- tiny! -- although now that I take a second look, the overhead perspective kind of messes up the scale.  Maybe it's a little clearer in the picture below that the bloom isn't even quite as large as the gum ball.

My daffodil is Narcissus 'Little Gem.'  It is about 6 inches tall and the bloom is 1 1/2 inches across.  I'm so in love with these mini flowers that it was an especial delight coming across this passage in Elizabeth Lawrence's book, The Little Bulbs:
Of all the little bulbs, the flowers of these miniatures are the most endearingly diminutive, the most daintily perfect in proportion, and the most delicate in color.  When they are in bloom I feel as if I could not stop looking at them for a moment, and when they are gone I am almost ashamed of the sharpness of my regret. 

Cool weather returns tomorrow, but Spring is getting impatient.  So is this gardener.