Saturday, December 15, 2012

A December Bloom Day

It's a slow time for blooms, but in spite of nighttime temperatures dropping into the twenties, I have a few lingerers outside. Pineapple sage has some perfect blooms in spite of horrible looking leaves; there are a few stray blossoms of stock and dianthus; there's an occasional lonely chrysanthemum, a camellia or two and a distorted coneflower bloom is hiding out in the mint marigold foliage, which hasn't seemed to mind the drought much at all, and continues to bloom.

Inside, my Cape shamrock (Oxalis bowiei) is still blooming and likes to mingle. A new airplant (Tillandsia sp.) provides support for a couple of its blooms in the photo above.  Below an amaryllis that is reluctant to bloom again ('Double Dragon') holds up a flowering stalk with its graceful leaves.

I brought a few wax begonias inside and they will continue to bloom all winter.

A 'Red Lion' amaryllis is just you're looking straight down into its throat. This year I planted five of these and all behaved unpredictably. Of course, that's one of the fun things about gardening, never being sure what will happen when you plant something.

These all had short to nearly non-existent stalks. And the color is very orangey, though it looks a little more red in these photos.

I'm not particularly pleased with them, but they would make a good table arrangement, maybe, with the blooms barely above the pot like that.

This time last year, my beautiful 'Caribbean Dancer' cactus was blooming, but this year the buds are still swelling.  Maybe there will be blooms in time for Christmas.

And that's about it for the flowers; mostly it's blooming books and cookies around here!  But, more about that a little later.

What's blooming at your house?



  1. I went looking for amaryllis as a Christmas gift yesterday, hoping to get a deal. No place had them at any price. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. No matter how carefully I plan, Amaryllis does its own thing. 'Elvas' opened the day after I took it to my son and daughter-in-law. 'Benefica' opened last week and will last to Christmas, with bamboo stakes holding it up because four blooms on one 14" stem is too much.
    'Nymph' has a fat bud and another one beginning. I think the secret may be to pay more than one thinks reasonable, order early and pot early.

    1. It's the same with me, Nell Jean. It does help to pot early, though. This year is the first time in over 20 that I've had poor results with cheap amaryllis, but even so, I think I will do as you suggest and pay more next year and plan to keep them for a few years. (Mormally, I just throw the cheap ones away after they bloom.) Happy Holidays to you!

  3. I bought an Amaryllis two weeks before Christmas, just now emerging from the bulb. Might be blooming by Valentine's Day. Will be a nice addition during the winter blahs.

    1. I've often had one blooming around Valentine's Day just because I planted too late! It's wonderful to have them then.