Monday, June 11, 2012

Flower Owls and Dream Trips

flower owl
flower owl in Nantou County, Taiwan by Ernesto JT on

I found these flowering owls on Pinterest this morning and added them to my Round The World board, just in case.  I have this notion of one day heading west, sticking close to the equator, except for flower-filled Europe and the botanical wonderland of South Africa, and then finding our way back to North Carolina about a year later.

Okay so it's a little...well...ambitious, if not delusional.  I prefer to think of it as visionary (haha!), but at any rate my husband has a way to go before retirement and we have a child still at home, pets, a know how it is.  Maybe we'll decide instead to hike the Mont Blanc Trail or drive across the US, or just stick to towns we haven't seen in the Carolinas, who knows?  I love it all and the planning is fun, either way.

I come by this desire to go places and see things pretty naturally.  My mother just got back from Machu Picchu!  I was so worried about her spending time at such a high altitude (16,000 feet), that I was having trouble breathing!  :)  But, she's back, did fine (with the help of some coca!) and has all sorts of exciting things to say about the beautiful pictures she took.  Go, Mom!

Machu Pucchu, photo by Pat Scattergood

And, my amazing father loves to travel, too; he's up for a trip at the blink of an eye, treating one grandchild or another to London, California, Florida or a new roller coaster in Sandusky (just to name a few) --or me to the Grand Canyon.  So, go, Dad, too!

Incidentally, I'm not talking about unlimited funds here for any of us.  I'm talking budget travel, which I prefer to think of as smart, not lacking.  Barbara Sher's book, Wishcraft, factors in here, because I learned from her (when she was on the Donahue show, remember that?!) that living the life you want has very little, if anything, to do with how much money you have.  It's really true.  I bought the book, read it, and took her advice to heart.

Then, I took my family to Europe for a month!

Oh, it did take a few years of dreaming and saving and strategizing, or in other words trying to convince my well-rooted husband it wouldn't cost too much and was a great (not totally stupid) idea.  But we did it and we're all glad we did.  Travel memories are some of every family's best, aren't they?

For now my RTW board is a bunch of pretty pictures (with a surprising amount of sparkly aqua!), but eventually I'll do some pruning and weeding and create a feasible path--a path that winds through plenty of gardens and parks, with vistas of lots of weird and wonderful plants.

Do you like to travel?  What are your favorite gardens and natural places?  How will you get there?


Here's an armchair travel treat for you:  Susan Branch took off on a dream trip during the first week or so of May and is keeping everyone updated on her blog.  It's almost as good as being there!  She and her husband sailed across the Atlantic on the QEII and are visiting friends and gardens and historic sites all over England.  Today she tells about her visit to Beatrix Potter's Hilltop Farm in the Lake District.  Beautiful!  Here's the link to the very beginning of the trip, so you can catch up.  Get a glass of tea and make yourself comfortable, you're going to want to stay a while:


Wishcraft is now available as a free eBook.  Lucky you!