Thursday, June 28, 2012

Find Your Way to Garden Success

It is always my pleasure to let you know about the goings on at Timber Press.  Their books, their blog, and their giveaways are all great and I think you will enjoy them.   Here's the latest from them...I hope you'll take a look and join in!

Timber Press has recently released several garden problem-solving guides, including What’s Wrong with My Vegetable Garden?, Decoding Gardening Advice, What’s Wrong with My Plant?, and The Anxious Gardener’s Book of Answers.

The authors of these books will be  sharing their expert advice this summer in the Timber Press Garden Problem Solver contest.

Here's how it works:  Each week a reader-submitted question will be picked for the authors to answer.  The person who asks the chosen question will receive one of the problem-solving books (listed above)!  And anyone that submits a question will be entered to win the grand prize:

a brand new iPad!

You will need to enter your question on the GPS landing page.  That's it! The promotion will run until August.

Visit the Timber Press blog to read responses to some great reader-submitted questions that have been answered so far:
  • Dog urine: a pain in the grass
  • Hole-y mole-y, or, how to stop worrying and get rid of tunneling critters
  • Epsom salts, friend or foe?
  • Rid your raised bed of slugs

I received a copy of What's Wrong with My Plant? as a thank you for letting you know about the GPS promotion.  Thanks for reading -- I hope you win!



  1. I'm bookmarking this page while I think of a good question to ask--a new Ipad would be wonderful! I have the "What's Wrong With My Plant" book, and it's a terrific reference. The way it's organized is so user-friendly, I'm sure the rest of the series are equally good.

  2. Will have to come up with a question....have lots when I am in the garden, then they go out of my mind when I come in the house. A new Ipad would be very cool.