Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deer-resistant... Daylily?

This daylily has been growing somewhere or other in my yard since before we moved in many years ago. I think it is Hemerocallis fulva 'Kwanzo,' but really can't be sure.

The blooms are triple, like three flowers strung and nested together on the top of the scapes.  There's an interesting yellow six-pointed star outlined in red at the center of the bloom.  Maybe this is 'Kwanzo Flore Pleno' which has more petals than regular 'Kwanso.'  

The real bonus to having this plant is that deer don't like it, even though most of the daylilies I've grown will be eaten to the ground if they aren't sprayed.  With this one, I've had plenty of leaves and flowers every year.

Bright orange is a little hard to work into our overall color scheme, but it blends fairly well with coneflowers and daisies.  It's stunning by itself.

Do deer eat some of your daylilies and not others?  Would love to hear about that in the comments.