Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Garden in April

Spring fever has got the best of me, has it you?  I can't focus on anything!  I just want to be outside puttering around, playing in the dirt and admiring the plants.  Blogging has definitely taken a back seat, but then, if a garden blogger never gardens, what does a garden blogger have to write about on her garden blog?

I thought I would show you a few pictures of my garden, but with a few words, so I'll have to forgo Wordless Wednesday today; I'll likely keep it short, just the same.

This is my front yard a week or two ago when the Coral Bells azaleas were blooming.  Most of the azaleas have finished now; a few Delaware Valley White and George Tabor (lavender/pink) still have flowers.  The grass always looks so good as spring gets going.  Unfortunately it won't stay that way for very long.

Do you like this pink camellia?  The color is a little off here; in the garden it was more coral, and it looked gorgeous with the pink and yellow daffodils.  What's interesting is this:  My mother had given my husband and me two Professor Charles Sargent camellias for Christmas a year ago.  It has blooms like this --

Deep red, full, started blooming in December, I believe.  But one day while I was out enjoying the daffodils (which came early this year), I saw a coral pink camellia on the same plant the red flowers had bloomed on!  At first I just thought it was just a faded red one, but on closer inspection, it was different in lots of ways, and anyway there was nothing faded about it, it was fresh and new!

I think that cuttings from two different plants were put in the same pot and grown on together (there doesn't appear to be a graft) so now I have a shrub that blooms two different colors, one later than the other.  I love both of them!  I hope they continue to do well together.  You don't think I should cut one of them out, do you, or try to separate them?

In the back, there's a cottage garden mix of perennials and herbs. I've added quite a few things and moved a few of them around since last summer.  The daffodils will die back and I'll be adding some annuals like nasturtium and lemon and tangerine gem marigolds soon.  The seeds are sprouting in my dining room window right now.

Our bluebird box is at the edge of this garden, to the left of the photo. We're so excited to have residents.  They are busy little creatures, in and out of the box all day long.

See if you can find the surprise in this picture --

Right in the middle of our Shasta viburnum is a cardinal nest! It's over my head a couple of feet, so I couldn't see inside.  It has been so much fun watching the industrious female flying in and out of the viburnum and the protective male perched on a maple branch nearby, guarding the nest.

I found out that cardinals have regional differences in the songs they sing.  You mean my cardinals have a southern accent?  I listened to several YouTube videos before I found one that sounded like ours (from PA, so maybe not!) I think you'll like this; it's informative and short.

I hope you're getting out into your garden and enjoying Spring, too.  Earth Day is coming up -- any plans?