Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Garden

Project Garden by Stacy Tornio, Adams Media, 2012
Something I care about, and I bet you do too, is getting children outside -- no TV, video games or cellphones, just fresh air and greenery and wide blue skies.

Encouraging enthusiasm for the natural world in our children and grandchildren is important.  Besides, being outside is fun -- and it's healthy for them, for us, and for the planet!

Stacy Tornio has written Project Garden with this in mind.  In her 192 page book you will find a month-by-month guide "to planting, growing, and enjoying ALL your backyard has to offer."

Project Garden has over 175 gardening and garden craft projects, simple recipes, and games.  Try upcycling a wastebasket into a birdbath, or making radish chips for snack.  Or, how about planting a spooky-themed garden with creepy plants like dragon's blood sedum or white Caspar pumpkins?

The text is interspersed with adorable watercolor paintings, and the layout is parent-friendly and attractive.  Project Garden will make it easy for you to create memories and nature love with your special little ones.


Stacy Tornio is a master gardener, writer, and editor at Birds and Blooms magazine.  I'm excited that A Charlotte Garden will be a stop on her virtual book tour, with a guest post here on March 30th!  As part of her tour, she will give away ten (ten!) copies of Project Garden during the month of March at her blog,  Winners will be announced in early April.  Good luck!