Friday, February 17, 2012

windowsill lettuce

Over the years my children and I have tried all sorts of grocery store gardening, growing all the typical ones you hear about for fun and foliage in the wintertime -- carrot tops, sweet potatoes, avocado pits, citrus seeds, lentils, peanuts, etc.  But recently I ran across a comment on Facebook that suggested putting romaine lettuce in the ground and getting a second flush of leaves.  That one never even occurred to me!

I was a little bit skeptical as I cut the browning root end off while making a salad, but I went ahead and potted it up and put it at the window.  This is it after just a couple of days!

To see if anything was happening underneath the plant, I picked it up (scientific investigation, don't you know).  No actual roots yet, but there does look to be some callousing and a row of pre-root bumps starting to appear.  I'm hopeful I'll actually have plants growing soon, but even if not, there's almost enough leaves to put on a sandwich now.  I feel so frugal.  Talk about not wasting anything!


I used organic lettuce from Absolute Organics.   Fresh organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your door is a wonderful thing.  It's convenient and quite reasonably priced.  If you're in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend them.   This sounds like an ad, but it isn't; I really just love the service.  We eat more veggies because of it.