Wednesday, February 8, 2012

botanical valentines: sarracenia

Coppertop pitcher plant (Sarracenia flava var. cuprea)
You would have to look hard to find a more unlikely valentine than carnivorous Sarracenia flava.  These weird plants tend to have more of a Halloween vibe.  But, those are distinctly reddish, heart-shaped hoods atop the tubular leaves of this intriguing plant.  I think they make rather exciting botanical valentines.


Sarracenia in its native habitat is an excellent Flickr photo set by Brad Wilson.  Seeing these plants in their native wetlands is so inspiring; you will love these pictures.

Marsh Pink, Sabatia  is a post I did this summer about marsh pinks, with a couple more pictures of this plant (and a few others) in the little bog garden I made.


  1. Beautiful leaf. Do you mind if I post it on Valentines Day with a link to your blog? I see that your name is already on the photo?

  2. i couldnt find an email for you on your lovely blog, nellie, but you are welcome to use my photo with link back. thank you for asking. i am glad you like it!

  3. Another great heart shaped plant. I have that Marsh Pink in my lower backyard...think you were one of the people who made the ID for me.