Tuesday, February 7, 2012

botanical valentines: cercis

Redbud (Cercis canadensis), April 2011
Bright green hearts float along the branch of this redbud tree in my backyard. Redbuds are understory trees that have edible flowers and seedpods as well as good ornamental value. They are relatively short-lived trees, but they grow quickly, producing magenta flowers directly from the branches and trunk in early spring. In my garden they reseed quite zealously. I have to pull most of them, but  I leave one or two each year to keep new ones coming along as others age. They love me back with botanical valentines all summer.


Redbud by the Great Plains Nature Center is an interesting short article about this beautiful native tree, including a closeup of the blooms.


  1. I love redbud trees, and here's another reason to love it. I'm enjoying your botanical valentines!

  2. I love redbuds. Have added four to my garden since moving in.

  3. Redbuds are wonderful trees! Lovely photos!