Friday, January 20, 2012

Free-Range Chicken Gardens: New Book and Contest by Timber Press

Keeping chickens in your backyard has become quite the hip thing to do these days.  Have you considered it?

Timber Press is releasing a new book this month, Free-Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom.  The cover of the book and this cute one minute video of author (and award winning garden designer!) Jessi Bloom in her garden, have got me trying to figure out how I can possibly add chickens to my suburban backyard.

From the Timber Press website:
It's true, you can keep chickens and have a beautiful garden, too. And fresh eggs are just one of the many benefits — chickens can help your garden grow and thrive.[...]For anyone who wants a fabulous garden where colorful chickens happily roam, this essential handbook is the guide that will bring the dream home to roost.


More good news for you, besides the release of the book, is this contest.  The only requirement is that you enter your email address.

Here's what you can win --

·         $50 gift card for chicken feed or supplies from McMurray Hatchery
·         One chicken coop plan from The Garden Coop (a $20 value)
·         1 lb. of organic chicken forage blend and seeds for chicken-friendly plants from Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply (a $20 value)
·         A copy of Free-Range Chicken Gardens

 -- everything you need to start your own chicken garden.  You have until February 17, 2012 to enter, but why not do it now?  


I will receive a free review copy of Free-Range Chicken Gardens from Timber Press for promoting their contest.