Monday, November 7, 2011

San Francisco Flower Power

These impossibly short days from now until sometime in January when the first bulbs start to show up are not my favorites.  How about if we forget about autumn and look back at summer in San Francisco for a while?  We can start with the beautiful beds and containers at  Fisherman's Wharf.  Go ahead and click the link;  just listen to the seagulls for a minute.  You'll feel like you're there.  Alcatraz is just across the bay in the picture above, but is not quite visible in the photo.

I enjoyed seeing some combinations I hadn't seen before.  Spiny-tipped globe artichokes mixed with bright pink and purple annuals in these big barrels, is unexpected and fun.

Drought tolerant, sun loving plants fill these stone edged beds across the street from the piers.  Does this get you excited about planning your Summer 2012 garden?  I'm seeing seed packets.

Shocking pink geraniums in the foreground perk up an otherwise sedately pastel planting.  I like the textural contrast of the sage.

How's this for a beautiful window box?  Bromeliads, fuchsia, lysimachia, ivy, ferns, and more, are captivating.  There was almost an entire block full of these outside a hotel on the way to the Wharf from Union Square.

A short drive south of San Francisco, in Carmel-by-the-Sea, was this display along the street outside one of the town's many pet-friendly restaurants.  Animal lover Doris Day began the pet-friendly tradition when she insisted that "four-leggeds are as welcome as their humans" at Cypress Inn, her Carmel boutique hotel.

Vignettes like this are around every bend in Carmel.  I was reminded every few steps that you can make a charming spot in very little space.

Back to San Francisco and Golden Gate Park, bright yellow made a nice contrast to the gray-white sky and the cool temperatures at the  Conservatory of Flowers.  The wildly colorful Dahlia Garden which I posted about earlier is just beyond and to the right of this photo.

Flower carpets adorned huge green expanses of lawn with exciting pattern and color.  August in California is definitely so-many-flowers-so-little-time!