Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hardy Cyclamen

Wordless Wednesday

Cyclamen hederifolium
Photos taken at the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens.


  1. Piękny cyklameny, a mnie w tym roku nie zakwitły :-(. Pozdrawiam

  2. Even if it never flowered, I'd grow this for the foliage.

  3. I love these...Need to make a note to plant lots of them at my parents' house next year.

  4. Love these flowers; so delicate and graceful.

  5. giga, i hope you get blooms next year.

    les, the foliage is reason enough to grow it, i agree.

    cg, i want to add these, too. it looks like a spring ephermal...nice to have them now.

    lorna, the delicate look charms me as well.

  6. I've been meaning to plant these for years! They are stunning!

  7. One of my favorite flowers. I always smile when I read about cyclamens in literature, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a memory of a specific reference. However, I offer this short poem by Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864), who loved cyclamens so much that he mentioned them to Thoreau when the latter visited Italy. Here it is, from

    To a Cyclamen

    I come to visit thee agen,
    My little flowerless cyclamen;
    To touch the hand, almost to press,
    That cheer’d thee in thy loneliness.
    What could thy careful guardian find
    Of thee in form, of me in mind,
    What is there in us rich or rare,
    To make us claim a moment’s care?
    Unworthy to be so carest,
    We are but withering leaves at best.

    He must have loved a gardener, as well.

    1. that's beautiful, mary...i love poetry! somehow i missed your comment before, but thank you for leaving one.