Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looks like September

I get so happy looking at these!  All that freshness and color (and the cooler temperatures!) inspires you to wave goodbye to summer and get outside and garden again, doesn't it?

Starting at the top left above, there's Veronica 'Goodness Grows,' Aster hyb. 'Twist,' Centaurea 'Colchester White,' Melampodium 'Showstar,' Physostegia virginiana 'Crystal Peak,' a bunch of Chrysanthemum morifolium, and Aster hyb. 'Hazy.'  I will put these in containers for now and maybe in the garden in the spring.

Down in the box there are a few 'Dale's Strain' Huechera americana that aren't showing up in the photo.  Those will go in my woodland garden -- somewhere.

Out into the garden, garlic chives, black-eyed Susan and Autumn Joy sedum are mingling happily in my tentatively designated Butterfly Garden.  This is the at the front edge of the Woodland Garden, where there is some direct sun.

Fireworks goldenrod shines this time of year. Coneflowers are fading but birds like the seeds in the cones, so I leave them until most of the seeds are gone.  That's beautyberry at the back of the photo.  I am loving those!  It's our first year with them; they are living up to their name.  Mums and pineapple sage are behind the goldenrod, but are not blooming quite yet.

Does it look like September in your garden, too?  What's your favorite plant right now?


  1. Sure wish our woodland goldenrod would bloom. Need more rain for that to happen.
    You got some nice color to add to your garden!!!
    My favorite plant this time of year?? I think some of those wildflower finds in the woods--Blue Lobelia.

  2. Such beautiful flowers. I wish fall would come around here, but I still think it will be awhile. Still 103 today and no rain for months. I'm really looking forward to some cooler mornings.

  3. I love that goldenrod - and all the other fall bloomers!

  4. janet, i saw the blue lobelia pic on your blog. how nice to find that in your area!

    paula jo, all i can do is shake my head for you all in texas and oklahoma. i hope you get relief soon!

    ginny, that goldenrod is one of my favorites. it just says autumn to me.

  5. My garden is rocking the Beautyberry and Goldenrod combo as well.