Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seeing Trees

Timber Press has released a beautiful new book this month, Seeing Trees:  Discover the Secrets of Everyday Trees, by Nancy Ross Hugo and Robert Llewellyn, with a promise that "you will begin to appreciate trees in a whole new way."

Have you ever thought about the fact that oak  flowers have to have preceded acorns?  I remember the moment that first occurred to me some years ago.  I suddenly had to see oak flowers!  I looked all over for photographs; I tried to catch the trees in bloom, but even if I had, they bloom out of sight, way up in the tree's canopy.

This book takes you up close to these flowers and many other minute aspects of trees that you may have never noticed before. (No need to perch precariously on a ladder, either!)  Tiny developing maple samaras and unfolding beech leaves are captured by Robert Llewellyn in awe-inspiring detail.

Author Nancy Ross Hugo says, "We are so used to seeing trees in photographs and trees at a distance, that you almost forget the only way to really experience a tree is to get up close to it.  To really appreciate their life, often it's looking at the tiny parts that will alert you to how alive they are.  It's possible you have been looking at them, but maybe not seeing all there is to see."

I know you want to know more after looking at that elegant book cover, so let me direct you here to the full discription.  Be sure to watch the very nice video for some interesting notes on how the photographer got such wonderful shots.  And while you're there...

There is a giveaway!  This time, all you have to do is enter your email address.  It's that simple, really.  You can even opt out of any emails from Timber Press if you want to, though if you love plants and books and giveaways (I know you do!) then you will want to get those emails.

Here is what you can win:
A signed copy of Seeing Trees --and--
A signed, 16"×20" print of a Robert Llewellyn photograph from Seeing Trees, custom matted and framed (see image here.)

You have until September 9!

Timber Press Seeing Trees Giveaway
Timber Press Talks (the blog)

*I was offered a copy of this book in exchange for mentioning the promotion on my blog. However, I am a huge fan of Timber Press; they consistently publish excellent books for plant-lovers.  I am excited to let you know about this giveaway. I have won a couple of their giveaways myself and regularly tweet or retweet their promotions without being asked.*


  1. Awesome giveaway - and I totally hadn't considered oak flowers until now, and now I MUST read this book.

  2. i hope you win, jessica! you will really like it.

  3. Thanks for the contest link. It looks like a good book, and I am now entered.