Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rock Garden at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

Rock gardens are calming and peaceful to be in and around.  Subtle colors and textural variations of rock garden plants contribute a delicate beauty while weathered rocks add a sense of weight, permanence, and connection to ancient times.

The appeal of a good rock garden is hard to overstate.  This one is just inside the main entrance of the San Francisco Botanical Garden.  While my family waited patiently for me discussing lunch options on a nearby bench, I spent a few minutes taking some pictures and admiring the green carpeted rocks.

Don't you want to reach out and touch this?  It looks soft.  I don't know the ID(s?), but I love the combination of gold-green with blue-green.

Dwarf conifers add some height while still keeping in scale with the tiny flowering plants.

The stones around the perimeter of the small garden reach to just under knee height.  A raised bed makes for excellent drainage and raises the plants to a better level to appreciate them.

Elizabeth Lawrence wrote "...all lovers of rock plants...take pleasure in the frail, the perishable, and the uncertain flower.  But above all else they love these plants because they are small."  Bend down to eye level and you'll feel you've entered a miniature world.

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