Thursday, July 21, 2011

Outside the Matthews Library

You are looking at the Matthews branch library from underneath an allee of white crape myrtles.

You can find endless shades of pink, red and purple crape myrtles planted throughout North Carolina, but white is a little more rare.  I've always been partial to white.

If you really stretch your imagination, you can see winter in the fluffy blooms.  (Too bad you can't feel it too.  A heat index of 110 degrees is impossible to ignore!)

Walk through the allee toward town, and you will hear the buzz of a thousand busy bees in the chaste trees (Vitex agnus-castus).

I was less than a foot away but they were too intent on what they were doing to care at all.

Several clumps of yellow-throated daylilies are at the feet of the chaste trees.  I'm not sure which cultivar they are -- Purple Stella, maybe?

Bright white blooms on this hydrangea look attractive with the fuzzy pink blooms and and lime green leaves of a spirea.  That bench in the shade will be the perfect place to read in a few weeks when the temperatures drop a little.

It is nice to see such a welcoming spot just a few yards off of Trade Street, the main road through town.   In fact, all of downtown Matthews is blooming and beautiful right now.