Thursday, July 7, 2011

tomatoes don't like shade

homegrown tomatoes Abraham Lincoln Better Boy

We plant a couple of tomato plants a year in our sunniest spot (which isn't all that sunny) and then harvest a precious handful. It's always kind of exciting watching them grow and anticipating the BLTs we will have, if only once or twice.

This year a deer got my first ever 'Black Krim,' but there's another one coming along.  The plant looks pretty terrible with deer damage and generally poor vigor, but maybe we will get to see what one tastes like eventually.

I planted an 'Early Girl' in a large pot. We ate one red one so far and there are lots of tiny green ones, but I would be hard-pressed to call it an early girl.  A tiny cherry tomato is in my flower bed with the basil and feverfew.  We will have a few of those shortly.

a foggy lens pic of my 1' tall cherry tomato and my not so early girl in a pot 

The bowl of beautiful produce up top came from a generous neighbor with a lot more sun and more veggie growing know how than I have. (Thanks again, Stacy!) I believe 'Better Boy' and  'Abraham Lincoln' (an heirloom) are the tomatoes and the cucumber is a bush type.

I ate the heirloom for lunch yesterday (delicious! slightly acidic which I love) with Palmetto jalapeno pimento cheese (delicious!  like homemade with heat which I wholeheartedly recommend).

Last night I sliced the cucumbers paper thin and put them in rice vinegar with some crushed ice and red pepper flakes.  With broccoli quiche and more sliced tomatoes it was some of the best of summer on a plate.


  1. My husband LOVES Palmetto pimento cheese with jalapenos of course!!! I have one tomato plant on the deck...our area of sun that isn't in the front yard. Have harvested a dozen or more.... they are the bush tomato...pretty tasty. Also have some Chocolate Cherry tomatoes in another pot....planted them late so we are waiting on those. So far this year have picked 3 Tobacco Hornworms off my plants.

    I love summer meals....tomato sandwiches for dinner are sure!! BLT's are over the top!

  2. Bring on the BLT's. I just love fresh tomatoes. I'm going to plant a couple of tomatoe plants next year. I didn't find the time to plant any this year. I sure miss them though. Sounds good what you made with the tomatoes and cucumbers.