Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saintpaulia, African Violet

This may be the first time I've had an African violet rebloom. I'm sure I've never had one repeat so luxuriantly. 

What I did this time that I probably didn't do so well in the past is keep it evenly moist, but barely moist. I set the pot on some wet gravel (above the water, not in it) to keep the humidity higher. It sat in a west window all winter, but I kept it out of direct sun for the most part.

But I think the most important thing I did differently was to keep it (not on purpose, just serendipity) underneath a lamp for several hours each evening.  Although I hadn't thought about it in years, I believe I read something once about African violets liking the warm end of the light spectrum that incandescent light bulbs provide.

Whatever has made it happy, I'm grateful for it. Houseplants always make me think of my grandmother -- I know she would be excited with me about the pretty blooms on this one.

Besides the rebloom, look what rooted! (It's a leaf from the same plant.) I watched this homely thing for literally months with no signs of anything happening. But it didn't rot, so I kept it. A few days ago, the reward! Two tiny leaves coming up from the base of the leaf stem!  Granny would be so proud of me.


  1. Love your African violet! Really pretty with the edges kissed by the purple color.
    I have some leaves rooting right now...did it once before and it took exactly 30 days to produce roots.

  2. thanks, janet! i found out since i posted this that the largest leaves of the outermost row of the plant root much more slowly than younger ones a couple of rows in. guess where i got my leaf? mine took over 3 months to root! good luck with yours...sounds like you already know how to do it!