Monday, April 25, 2011

Out to the Porch

Rinsed, watered, groomed and loving the heat.

It was 89 degrees yesterday!  And, we are expecting summertime temps all week.  So, these babies moved to their summer home (my porch) where they will stay until the end of October.  A couple of the begonias are from the plant sale this weekend at UNC Charlotte.  I also got a bigleaf magnolia (yay!), fothergilla, celadine poppy and another Spigelia marilandica.  I keep losing those to one malady or another, but they're so pretty I keep trying.

How was your Easter weekend?

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  1. Don't you just love it when we can put our plants outside? I have just started moving them out, a little at a time.

  2. I am not a houseplant person, mainly because for some reason I kill plants once they enter the house, so mine go out as soon as possible, and even before possible, if at all possible. if you get my drift. I think mine have been outside since March 1. or even before. I figure they have an equally good chance of dying inside.

  3. nellie, i do love being able to put the plants outside! it's a relief to me, and to them too, i bet.

    jess, i have killed so many houseplants i couldn't begin to tell you. blogging and taking pictures has helped me remember to water them better than anything else ever has. :D i have always loved tropicals, though, and it's far easier to keep pests like squirrels, deer, etc. from getting them inside. (and my porch is enclosed, just unheated.)

  4. I had hoped to find Spigelia at the native plant sale....but