Monday, January 10, 2011

Going to Sunny Florida in My Mind (sorry, JT)

It is snowing like crazy today.  Some of you will get gorgeous photographs out there and I can't wait to see them.  I will pile on the clothes and boots and see what interesting things I can find later today, too.  But this morning I'm still in my pajamas, resting inside this cozy no school snow day cocoon.  And I'm dreaming about warmer and sunnier places.  Like Florida.

Central Florida...last March... husband took a business trip... I (gleefully!) tagged along.  While he  worked, I visited  nearby gardens.  Hollis Garden in downtown Lakeland was my first stop.

Take a little break from winter and stroll through with me.  It's 78 degrees, sunny, breezy, relaxing and rejuvenating. A cute cafe down the road will serve you blueberry chicken salad with iced tea afterwards.

Start the slideshow with the controls that show up at the bottom of the picture when you hover your mouse over it. Is that instruction overkill? I kept clicking the big arrow in the middle of the photo and it kept taking me to the album instead, so I say that just in case you did that, too! If you're on an iPad here's a  non-flash link to the album -- not quite as engaging, but you can still see the pictures!