Monday, October 18, 2010

I Love Chrysanthemums!

Mums are bursting into bloom in my front yard!  I am so excited that they even survived the weeks of horrendous drought this summer!  We are talking lying on the ground wilted in some cases.  I can't believe how many buds they still have after that.  

There is a Ryan's yellow in my collage and a Niche's October Glow, but most of them are Lowe's cheapos, C. morifolium.  They appear to have crossed with each other in some cases.  I have little plants all over the place that I did not sow and they are colors I have not seen in my garden before.  It's so much fun to see a new one open every day or two!  

Are you growing mums?  Have you noticed that deer avoid them?  I even have a daylily they didn't find because it's surrounded by mums.  So, yay!  

Here's another Chrysanthemum I love.  Maybe you know this one but if you don't, get it and read it to your favorite child/ren.  It's adorable!