Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Backyard Owl

Look who blessed me with his presence this morning!  He caused quite a ruckus and all sorts of drama among the birds and squirrels out there, but what a treat for my family and me. The light was a little better last time we had an owl visit, but you can still see how beautiful he is.

Owl symbolism is interesting and varied. The owl has been associated with the moon, night, and femininity. The Greeks believed owls have an inner light which allows them to see in the dark. But, they have been associated with death, desolation and evil as well. In the Bible (Leviticus) they were grouped with the pelican and vulture and called unclean. Our culture generally accepts the owl as a symbol of Wisdom. I think of them as powerful and free, and they certainly command respect among all the other backyard creatures.