Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Anole

This little guy is only about two inches long, including his tail!  I took his picture this morning  from a deck overlooking a canal on Ocean Isle Beach.  He is in an unusual tree that I've yet to identify for sure. Its leaves are attached to long petioles which grow directly from the trunk of the tree.  The tree is about 12 feet tall and is several years old.  It is all green, including the trunk, so no wonder this lizard likes perching in it.  He soaks up the sun, poses for pictures, and occasionally eats some aphids - not a bad life at all.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Les at A Tidewater Gardener for the tree ID.  It's Firmiana simplex, Chinese Parasol Tree.  My father-in-law had told me it was "Parasol Tree" once upon a time, but I forgot!