Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thinking Ahead to Next March

Growing hybrid tulips is strictly a one-year, container kind of deal for me. Even then,
they bloom and fade so fast it has never been particularly worth it.

I do love tulips, though, and when I first saw these tiny species tulips, I was in love! Most of them are only three to six inches (which pushes the cute factor way up) and they are more tolerant of North Carolina's mild winters than their glamorous relatives.

Daffodils, crocuses and galanthus are all yellow, white and purple so I'm looking forward to the color these bulbs bring to the March/April garden.

I've read that species tulips like scree and a rock garden environment if you have it, but it isn't required. It's time to order these cuties now, if you haven't already. Just a little something cool to do inside during the heat wave.



  1. Those tulips are super cute! I get a catalog from John Scheepers also, but I haven't ordered anything from them yet. I'm so indecisive when it comes to bulbs, but I might have to try these out. I have a bag of some regular old tulips in my crisper drawer right now, no idea if they will wind up blooming when I get around to planting them next year... I hope so!

  2. Jen, I am indecisive about bulbs, too. I want all of them! I go back and forth forever and then still order so many that I'm wondering how in the world I will get them all planted in the fall. It's just so satisfying when spring rolls around to see them all popping up. Thanks for the comment - I'm glad you stopped by.