Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Susie Harwood Garden in Summer

The Susie Harwood Garden at the UNCC Botanical Gardens is beautiful year round, and I have visited at many different times, but I can't recall ever seeing it look better than it does right now.

I entered through the Asian garden this time which is where the Gingko (above) lives.

A Turk's cap lily just as you leave the Asian garden.

Stroll past the daylilies into the heart of the garden.

Deciduous Plumleaf Azalea, starts its bloom well after other azaleas.  The bright orange- red is a show stopper.

Caladiums are bright plants for a shady spot.

The buds of this pale pink hibiscus are as pretty as the flower!

Conifers and other evergreens in this garden provide a lovely backdrop for the colors of annuals and perennials that come and go throughout the year.

Water lilies in the pond at the lowest spot in the garden.

Spider lilies at the edge of the pond.    These are Hymenocallis liriosme. Lycoris is also called spider lily.  Pam at Digging has some nice pictures of those.

Uphill from the pond, marigolds along the stone path with a trellis of flowering  vines behind.

Underneath a Japanese maple is a private little leaf house. My children always wanted to sit under there.

Have a seat and enjoy for a few minutes.  Then you can go across the street and check out the McMillan Greenhouse.


  1. very beautiful. i need to garden hop with you one day and you can teach me all kinds of stuff!

  2. This looks like a nice place, and it looks as if more rain has been falling there, than here.

  3. suzy, i would love to garden hop with you. we can exchange plant info for photography tips.

    les, we have had fairly reliable rain most of the spring and summer. the heat has been particularly bad, though. i have been caught in the sprinklers at UNCC before, so i know they water ...which isn't as good as rain, but the gardens usually look pretty good regardless.

  4. Daricia, your photos are breathtaking. Really beautiful.
    I remember when my youngest was little that he also loved sitting under our neighbor's Japanese maple! :)
    So nice to meet you!
    I look forward to much more garden inspiration!

  5. rebecca, i'm glad you stopped by! thanks for your kind comments and the follow. i am so enjoying your blog - nice to meet you, too!

  6. Hi, Daricia - I enjoyed my visit there a few months back. I should go again! :) Your photographs are lovely. :)