Friday, July 2, 2010

Southport Flags

In addition to being historic and charming, Southport, North Carolina is patriotic. The city of Southport has been designated the official spot of North Carolina's  4th of July festival, and there are flags flying all over town from at least Memorial Day to Labor Day.  I was walking the historic tour recently when I saw a svelte woman many years my senior pull up on this very bicycle and go inside the community center.  She was lithe and strong and it made me consider that maybe I should start riding a bike.  (I'm sure I would look like her if I did that.) So far, I've only taken that picture of a bike.  Anyway, walking is nice and so is an armchair tour with my slideshow.-->  

Happy 4th!  Enjoy your weekend at the lake, or the beach or just the backyard.