Thursday, July 15, 2010

Outside the McMillan Greenhouse

After Fern at Life on the Balcony posted about plant trellises, I knew I would be making a trip to IKEA to find some, which I did on Saturday.  

Big surprise, I came home with more than just trellises.  

Did you know the gift wrap is just across from the garden section?  Can one ever really have enough gift wrap?  Nevermind that one could already wrap up birthdays, graduations and showers for at least a decade with what one has at home.  I guess one could suddenly need a sofa in that place.

But to the point here which is that the McMillan Greenhouse is only a mile or two away from IKEA and I stopped by there on my way home.   

Plants inside the greenhouse were blooming as they do all year.  The orchids, gesneriads, gingers, succulents - all were putting on a nice show which I will show you another day.  Today I want to show you the display all around outside. Borders, containers and bog gardens are just singing with color and creatures and abundance.

There is a sign in table to greet you as you come up from the parking lot.

But we are going outside, so turn around and go left...

...a cheerful border between McMillan and the McEniry building.  Ageratum, several types of zinnias and look at those sunflowers.  They must be eight feet tall!

Zinnias in all their party colors attract bees and butterflies of many types.  

Rock garden plants at your feet and turn around to see a hyacinth bean vine climbing the wall outside the greenhouse classroom just behind you.

Turn toward the Susie Harwood Garden and the border below is on your right.  Coneflower, blackeyed susan, and daylilies are perfect Piedmont garden plants.

The greenhouses (there are actually several together) surround an inner courtyard which is home to container plants, bog gardens, and occasional sale items.  Bella just bloomed and there are still a few T-shirts available with her picture on them.

A pineapple!  In the background, pitcher plants, Venus fly traps.

Begonia, coleus,  and impatiens in a vertical display on the courtyard wall.

Exiting the courtyard and looking toward the parking lot, a pond garden at the left of the photo below and an annual border anchored by a palm tree.   

If you make a trip to IKEA Charlotte - and if you live anywhere within a hundred miles, you know you will sooner or later! - stop by UNCC and check out the greenhouse and gardens there.  There is always something interesting to see.


  1. I do love me some gift wrap. I hope you enjoy all of your purchases.~~Dee

  2. Everything looks nice and colorful, you'all must be getting fairly good rains.