Monday, June 28, 2010

The McGill Rose Garden

Helen McGill had an impulse to beautify the land around the ice and coal business she and her husband owned in north Charlotte, so she planted a couple of rose bushes. 

Over the next three decades, she would plant a few more—dozens more. Now the McGill Rose Garden—between the Garden District of First Ward, and NoDa, Charlotte's historic arts district—is an All-America Rose Selections (AARS) public garden.

This coal yard of Charlotte's mid-1900s mill community now has a hip, artsy vibe. I entered the garden through Nectar, where dozens of orchid flowers floated in a huge fishbowl and fern bedecked steps led into a courtyard asparkle with mirrors dangling from the oak trees. From there you can see a Seaboard Coastline coal car still on the tracks at the back of the garden.

Choose your path and stroll past over 1000 rose bushes as well as many other perennials and herbs. Tables, benches and garden sculpture provide pretty vignettes as well as a shady place to contemplate and enjoy your visit.  Originally opened to the public only for Mother's Day, the garden now welcomes visitors all season.

More photos from my Picasa album "McGill Rose Garden"


  1. So very pretty, love this garden ! thanks so much, Gina

  2. Beautiful! I'm adding this to my list of gardens I'd like to visit.