Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dicentra eximia, Wild Bleeding Heart

Ruth at Muscari Musings recently sent the Eighth Picture, Eighth Album challenge to me.  I am to post the eight picture of my eighth photo album and say something about it.  Hers was a cute family photo but since I have a recently reset computer, all my albums were created in or after March; no fun, retro family pictures or even anything of my dog, The Sweetest Smartest 100-pound Lab Puppy in the World.

My eighth album is a slew of things from the Van Landingham Glen at UNCC.  Gussying it up with Picasa didn't do much for the over-exposure.  I swear I need to tatoo to the back of my hand, "Are you over-exposed?!"  Yeah, maybe that would do it.

This wildflower is Dicentra eximia, the wild bleeding heart.  Another name for it is turkey corn.  (Dicentra canadensis is known as squirrel corn, go figure.) Wild bleeding heart is related to the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum, and the Wildflowers of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley and the Southern Appalachians says it is sometimes called staggerweed because of its "intoxicating" effects on grazing cattle.  It is a nice plant for the shade garden, tolerating a little more heat than D. spectabilis, the more showy, non-native bleeding heart.  I wish I had done it justice with the photo.  This person did.



  1. Hi, Darici - Thanks for accepting my challenge! :) The Wild Bleeding Heart is beautiful. That's the tricky thing about the 8x8 - being brave enough to post whatever you come up with! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I replied to your comment there.

  2. Bleeding hearts do not like my front little garden bed. Looked so-so the first year, a little less so-so this year, i figure next year they will be a no-show for sure ! thanks for the post, Gina